How To Relieve Constipation

Ways on How To Treat And Relieve Constipation

How To Relieve ConstipationIn these days, more and more people had constipation problem and seek how to relieve constipation. The data shows that in United States, ambulatory visits for constipation has increase from 4 million (during 1993-1996) to 7.95 million (during the 2001-2004). In the US, constipation also become one of the most common digestive complaint, beat other digestive conditions.

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How To Treat and Relieve Constipation

Finding the right way to relieve constipation mostly depends on the cause of constipation, the level of severity and the duration (how long) of the constipation. Some people even have a misconception about constipation. Some people think that if they do not have bowel movement everyday, then that’s means they get constipated. But bowel movement habits are not the same for everyone. Many factor can affect the bowel habit. The kind of food you eat, how many times a week you exercise, these are also can affect the bowel habit. So understanding more about constipation and what it cause, will help you take the right way to prevent and to relieve the constipation.

How To Relieve Constipation in General

Below are ways on how to relieve constipation or some people say it as constipation remedies:

  • Diet and lifestyle changes. In most cases of constipation, diet and lifestyle changes not only will help you to reduce and relieve the constipation but will also help to prevent the constipation from recurring.

A fiber diet. Consume enough fiber daily (20 to 35 grams of fiber each day). Consume foods that has high fiber such as: bran cereal, whole grains, vegetables (cabbage, asparagus, carrots, brussel sprouts), fresh fruits and beans. Reduce the consumption of foods that only have liitle or no fiber, such as cheese, meat, ice cream and processed foods. Drink enough water (drink about 8-10 glass of water everyday). Increasing the water intake is one of the simple ways on how to relieve constipation.

Regular exercise. Lack of physical activity is said as one of the causes of constipation and is thought to be one of the reasons why older people is common to have constipation problem. Having regular exercise, let say about 30 minutes a day, will not only help you relieve the constipation, but it is also good for your health and may reduce your other health problems.

Reserve the time to have a bowel movements. Perhaps it’s kind of funny to you that people have to reserve a time for bowel movement to prevent and relieve the constipation. But if you ignore the urge to have a bowel movement, you may later on stop feeling the need to have one, and this can lead to constipation problem.
So if you are one of the people that do not want to use toilet other than the one at your home, reserve a time in the morning to have a bowel movement.

  • Laxatives. These kind of medications should only consider after the diet and lifestyle changes are not working to treat the constipation, because most people that get mild constipated do not need laxatives.

There are several types of laxatives, that works in various ways on how to relieve constipation. If you are not sure which one is the best for you, it is better to consult it first with a doctor. Some of the laxatives should only use for short-term treatment because the dose must increase over time, and that may become habit-forming. Even though many laxatives are available over-the-counter (you can get it without a prescription), that does not means you can use it as you wish. Read the labels carefully.
There are many different form of laxatives, there are shapes in liquids, wafers, powder, gums, tablets. There is also rectal laxatives. Some types of laxatives can decrease the absorption of certain medications, and some other can cause electrolyte imbalance.

In general, fiber supplements or also known as bulk-forming laxatives, are the gentlest on your body and consider safest type. Brand names such as Metamucil, Serutan, Fiberall are in this category. There are also rectal stimulant laxatives that trigger rhythmic contractions in the intestines to eliminates stool, thus relieve the constipation.
And there are more type of laxatives that works in different ways on how to relieve constipation.

  • Changing the medicines you take that may cause constipation. If you are in a medication of some illness, ask your doctor if the medicines you took may cause constipation. The medication such as narcotic pain medication, anti depressants are usually cause constipation. Simply change or substitute the medicine to the one that “do not or less cause constipation” may help relieve the constipation.
  • Enemas. Enema is a process of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus. For the purpose of relieving constipation, disposable enema device are usually available on the local grocery store. The package usually include sodium phosphate solutions (a common laxative). Enemas must use with caution, overuse of enemas can create more health problems.
  • Surgery. A surgery, may be an option for severe constipation, but that off course depend on the cause, the level of severity, and the duration of constipation. For example, a colon surgery may needed for severe constipation that caused by colonic inertia (a condition where a colon pumps too slowly).
  • Biofeedback. On the case of how to relieve chronic constipation caused by specific dysfunction, biofeedback (using sensors monitoring the bowel and anus) can use to retrain the muscles that control bowel movements.

How to relieve constipation in toddlers

Toddler constipation is one of the problems that most of parents have to deal with, and this could be difficult for inexperienced parents. Toddler itself by nature are a finicky bunch, their moods and behavior are hard to predict, and this make it more hard to handle.

Something simple like sit on the toilet and do nothing except having a bowel movement is much much less interesting to them compare to playing with their toys. That is why toddler constipation treatment could be tricky, because sometimes the cause of constipated toddler could be something emotional.

But in general there are few ways on how to relieve constipation in toddlers. Giving constipated toddler a warm bath and tummy massage can help relieving toddler constipated. There are also counter caused toddler constipation relief that you need to know to prevent the constipation from recurrence.

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How to relieve constipation in babies

Baby’s constipation is a very uncomfortable condition where your baby’s bowel movement process are troubled and their stool’s condition tend to be hard and dry.

It is stressful to watch your baby struggle with their constipation problem. There are few ways that you could try to relieve the baby’s constipation. Warm bath with tummy massage usually very helpful in relieving constipation in babies. Warm bath, although it is a bit messy, will help your baby to relax and ease the pain in bowel movement process.

Adding a daily serving of water or prune juice to the baby’s diet is also can help to treat the constipation. Changing the rice cereal to barley cereal sometimes also works to ease the constipation with the baby that already start eating solid foods.

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How to relieve constipation during pregnancy

Almost half of pregnant woman during their pregnancy period experience constipation problem. One of the causes of constipation problem during pregnancy is the hormonal changes. Constipation treatment during pregnancy sometimes could be complicated, because the baby condition is also require to be consider other than the mother condition itself.

In general, it is better to relieve the constipation during pregnancy in a natural ways. Some exercises, like swimming or yoga could be helpful in relieving the constipation. Drink plenty of water, eat high fiber such as vegetables, fruit also can help constipation treatment.

For the case that constipation problem still bothering, even after all your effort to relieve it in natural ways, mild laxatives or stool softeners could be use, but make sure you consult it with your doctor so you can be sure it is safe for you and your baby.

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How to relieve constipation fast

Constipated people usually experience bloating, full bowel sensation and other uncomfortable condition. Because of that uncomfortable condition, it is natural that constipated people want a fast relief from that condition.

Laxatives (Over the counter laxatives) usually pop up in the mind for the fast solution of constipation problem. In USA, hundreds millions of dollars are spent for laxatives yearly. Actually laxatives is not a good solution for constipation, using it for long term could lead in dependency and decrease the natural bowel movement function. The are few other ways that could ease the constipation, although it is “slower” than laxatives, it is more healthy.

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